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        2. [煎蛋小學堂]彩虹才不是這樣



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          The rainbow,as we know, it is Red,Organge,Yellow,Green,Blue,Violet.ROYGBV,I'm ignoring Indigo because,let's be honest,Indigo?But where exactly is violet? Is it at the end here?This dark blue? And what's this brighter light blue-green ?Cyan,perhaps?Why don't we say the rainbow is Red Orange Yellow Green Cyan Blue?
          彩虹的顏色嘛 當然是紅橙黃綠藍紫。我把靛省掉了,靛色,逗我呢?那么紫色哪去了呢?是在這深藍色最末端嗎?這個淺藍綠色是啥?青色嘛?為啥我們不說彩虹是紅橙黃綠青藍(木有紫)的呢?

          ROYGCB Well,we actually do,and we've just forgotten.When Isaac Newton originally observed a rainbow of light split by a prism and made his labeling of the colors as Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,Indigo,Violet,the thing he called "blue"was indeed what we would now call blue-green,teal or cyan-reminiscent of the color of the blue sky.

          And what we now tend to call blue,Newton called violet as in,roses are red,violets are blue,Dark blue.He only included indigo in his fundamental"seven colors of the rainbow"so that they would match the number of notes of the western musical scale:Do re mi fa so la ti...yeah.
          我們今天所說的藍在牛頓口中是“紫“就是紅玫瑰、紫羅蘭,也就是深藍色。他在“七色彩虹“中引入靛色 只是為了和西方的音樂音階數量相配:哆來咪發嗦啦啼就醬紫。

          Purple and magenta,as we know,don't occur in the rainbow from a prism because they can only be made as a combination of red and blue light,and those are on opposite sides of the rainbow,nowhere near overlapping.So there's no purple or hot pink in the rainbow from a prism.Violet is there in the "roses are red,violets are BLUE"sense,but purple is not.

          So then why do rainbows in the sky often look like they have purple in them? I suspect sometimes it's an optical illusion whereby nice deep blues in small amounts surrounded by a lighter color appear purplish to our eyes.However,sometimes purple and pink really are there,because a rainbow is really a rain-disk:each color of sunlight reflects back in a bright rimmed disc,all of different sizes,which together add up to make a white disk with a colorful rim.
          那么,為啥天上的彩虹看上去有紫色呢?我認為這可能是一種視錯覺,小面積的深藍被亮色環繞時看碟上去像是紫色。不過 有時紫色和粉色真的出現過,因為彩虹終究還是“彩蝶“,日光中的每一種顏色反射在光邊盤上,環大小各不相同,它們疊加在一起,形成有著彩色邊緣的白碟。

          But because light is a wave,interference from the raindrops themselves actually gives each disk multiple rings:the familiar outer ring is just the brightest.The others are called"supernumerary rings"and are the source of supernumerary rainbows.The smaller the raindrops,the stronger the supernumerary bows.And if the drops are the right size,the first red supernumerary ring can overlap significantly with the main dark blue ring,and what do red and blue give?Purple!
          由于光的波動性,雨滴產生的干涉使彩碟出現多個環,我們所熟悉的外環是最亮的一個,其他的被稱為“多余環“是多余虹的起源。雨滴越小,多余虹越明顯。如果雨滴大小恰到好處,第一個紅色多余環會疊加在主環的深藍環上 ,紅加藍等于紫色!

          So as the saying goes,roses are red,violets are blue,and purple in a rainbow is a supernumerary hue.