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        2. 名人故事(音頻):諸葛亮 Zhuge Liang



          2016-3-31 09:15

          名人故事(音頻):諸葛亮 Zhuge Liang


          Zhuge Liang
          Liu Bei resided at Xinye while he was taking shelter under Jing Province’s governor, Liu Biao. Liu Bei visited Sima Hui, who told him, “Confucian academics and common scholars, how much do they know about current affairs? Those who analyze current affairs well are elites. Crouching Dragon and Young Phoenix are the only ones in this region.“ Xu Shu later recommended Zhuge Liang to Liu Bei again, and Liu wanted to ask Xu to invite Zhuge to meet him. However, Xu Shu replied, “You must visit this man in person. He cannot be invited to meet you.“
          劉備依附于劉表,屯兵新野。后來在一次拜訪司馬 徽時聽過他說:“儒生俗士,豈識時務?識時務者為俊 杰。此間自有臥龍、鳳雛。“后徐庶又推薦諸葛亮,劉 備想徐庶帶他來引見,但徐庶卻說:“此人可就見,不可 屈致也。將軍宜枉駕顧之。“
          Liu Bei succeeded in recruiting Zhuge Liang after paying three personal visits. Zhuge Liang presented the Longzhong Plan to Liu Bei.
          劉備便親自前往拜訪,去了三次才見到諸葛亮。諸 葛亮遂向他陳說了三分天下之計,這篇論說后世稱之為 《隆中對》。
          Afterwards, Liu Bei became very close to Zhuge Liang and often had discussions with him. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were not pleased and complained. Liu Bei explained, “Now that I’ve Kongming, it’s just like a fish getting into water. I hope you’ll stop making unpleasant remarks Guan Yu and Zhang Fei then stopped complaining.
          劉備常常和諸葛亮議論,關系也曰漸親密。關羽、張 飛等都大感不悅,劉備向他們解釋道:“孤之有孔明,猶魚 之有水也。愿諸君勿復言。“關羽、張飛等便不再抱怨。