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        2. 走遍美國 Episode 25-3 Country Music



          2005-8-26 16:22

          走遍美國 Episode 25-3 Country Music


          Marilyn: I'm so glad everyone is asleep. I thought Max would be crying, and everybody would be a wake.
          Richard: What did I tell you? Nothing to worry about.
          Susan: I'm sure everything is fine. My mother knows all there is to know about taking care of babies, I assure you.
          Harry: Let's put some of this stuff away and then take off. We've got a forty-minute drive into the city.
          Ellen: Welcome home-and I do mean welcome home.
          Richard: Something wrong?
          Ellen: Oh, nothing's wrong, Richard. Believe me, Max is fine. But his teeth hurt, and he just can't get to sleep, poor dear.
          Susan: Neither can you.
          Marilyn: Oh, I feel so bad.
          Ellen: Oh, I'm fine. How was your weekend?
          Harry: We had a great time, Mom.
          Richard: It was wonderful. The weather couldn't have been better.
          Ellen: It was nice here, too.
          Marilyn: Did you get a chance to get outside at all?
          Ellen: Oh, yes. Grandpa helped me yesterday afternoon. I went to the supermarket to get a few things, and I stayed out an extra half hour. The village was filled people-the weather was so nice.
          Richard: Harry's a professional camper, Mom. He knows all there is to know, and he made the weekend very easy for us to enjoy.
          Harry: Come on. You all helped.
          Susan: You were wonderful, Harry!
          Marilyn: Why don't you go to your room, Mom, and get some sleep.
          Ellen: Oh, I'm fine. Tell me more about your weekend. Did you do anything special?
          Susan: Lots of special country things. We picked flowers.
          Marilyn: And we brought some home for you. It was so nice to be out in the country.
          Ellen: They smell wonderful.
          Marilyn: Everything smelled so special. It would have been great if we had been able to bottle the smells.
          Harry: It would be a great business if you could do that.
          Ellen: Oh!
          Marilyn: Uh, we're home now, Ellen. We'll take care of it.
          Richard: I'll take care of it. Let's see if it works.
          Ellen: What's that?
          Richard: A little we'd better head home. It's getting late, and we have a bit of a drive.
          Harry: Well, all your things are inside. There's your sleeping bag.
          Marilyn: Oh, thanks, Harry.
          Harry: Say good-bye to Richard. We'll call you all tomorrow night.
          Marilyn: Good-bye.
          Susan: Bye, Mom.
          Ellen: Bye-bye.
          Marilyn: Bye.
          Ellen: I'm so tired I think I'm overtired. I don't know if I can get to sleep.
          Ellen: Max has stopped crying.
          Marilyn: Yes. It works!
          Richard: It works!
          Ellen: What works?
          Richard: This.
          Ellen: Oh. Oh, where did you get that? It sounds so nice. I think I'm falling asleep.
          Richard: Like Max did.
          Richard: Good night.
          Marilyn: Good night. Sounds of the country. The soothing sounds of the country.