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        2. 走遍美國 EPISODE 1-3 46 Linden Street



          2005-8-25 22:10

          走遍美國 EPISODE 1-3 46 Linden Street


          Philip: And give her a teaspoon of the medicine after every meal.Don't worry. She'll be fine. You're welcome. Good-bye.
          Ellen: How are you?
          Philip: I'm tired and hungry.
          Ellen: Well, Marilyn and Richard called. They'll be here soon, and then we'll eat.
          Philip: All right. Is...is Susan coming?
          Ellen: Well, she'll be here later. She has to work late tonight.
          Philip: And what's Robbie cooking for dinner?
          Ellen: It's a surprise.
          Philip: I hope its pasta.
          Philip: Robbie, the dinner was terrific.
          Susan: Yes, it was delicious.
          Marilyn: What's for dessert?
          Robbie: Oh, I forgot dessert.
          Philip: Robbie!
          Ellen: Don't worry. We've got lots of ice cream.
          Richard: Oh, I'd love some ice cream.
          Ellen: Well, there's chocolate and coffee and a little vanilla.
          Robbie: I'll have vanilla. Is that all right with everyone?
          Philip: I'll have chocolate.
          Marllyn: Me, too.
          Richard: Uh, one scoop of coffee and one scoop of chocolate for me.
          Ellen: Robbie, will you help me serve?
          Richard: I keep thinking about that bag of film. Eight rolls. a whole day's work. And good stuff,too.
          Ellen: I'll get it. Hello.
          Alexandra: Hello. Does Richard Stewart live here?
          Robbie: Yes,he's my brother. I'm Robbie...Robbie Stewart.
          Alexandra: I'm Alexandra Pappas. How do you do? Your brother left his bag of film on the ferryboat. I found it.
          Robbie: I'm really glad to see you. I mean...my brother'll be really glad to see you!
          Ellen: Robbie! Who is it?
          Robbie: It's Richard's film! I mean, Alexandra Pappas. Come in, please.
          Richard: Alexandra!
          Alexandra: Hello, Richard. I found your bag!
          Richard: Oh, thank you! Thank you! Um...Alexandra, let me introduce you. This is my wife Marilyn.
          Alexandra: Richard showed me your photo. How do you do ?
          Marilyn: Oh yes. Richard told us all about you. It's nice to meet you.
          Richard: And this is my mother, Ellen Stewart.
          Alexandra: How do you do?
          Richard: And my father, Dr.Philip Stewart.
          Philip: Nice to meet you, Alexandra.
          Richard: And…ah…you met Robbie
          Alexanra: Yes. And you must be Susan.Hi.
          Susan: Hi.Welcome.
          Richard: I'm so glad you found the bag and took the time and trouble to return it.
          Alexandra: Oh,it was no trouble. I just took the wrong train.
          Ellen: Would you like something to eat?
          Alexandra: Thank you, no.I'm late for dinner at my house. I really have to go.
          Richard: Would you like to call home?
          Alexandra: I'd appreciate that.
          Ellen: Please,use the phone.
          Alexandra: Thanks. Excuse me.
          Richard: Alexandra's a high-school exchange student from Greece.
          Robbie: Where does she live?
          Richard: With a family in the Bronx.
          Robbie: Oh, that's not too far from here!
          Richard: Take it easy, Robbie.
          Alexandra: Thank you. I can only stay a few minutes.
          Ellen: Have some iced tea.
          Alexandra: Thanks, Mrs. Stewart.
          Robbie: Please sit down, Alexandra.
          Philip: So, you're an exchange student. Where do you go to school?
          Alexandra: At the Bronx High School of Science.
          Philip: Oh, that's a very good school. What are your favorite subjects?
          Alexandra: Biology and mathematics. Richard tells me you're a doctor.
          Philip: Yes, a pediatrician.And what does your father do?
          Alexandra: He's a lawyer, in Thessaloniki.
          Robbie: Would you like some pasta? I made it myself. It might be a little cold.
          Alexandra: Thanks, no. I do have to go. It was nice meeting you all.
          Marilyn: Well, maybe you'll come for lunch some Sunday, so we can really thank you for bringing Richard's bag back.
          Alexandra: Maybe.
          Ellen: You're welcome anytime.
          Philip: Good-bye.
          Richard: Can I drive you home?
          Alexandra: No,thanks. The train is just up the street. It won't take me long at all.
          Richard: Well, you really saved the day for me, Alexandra.
          Alexandra: Bye.
          Richard: Bye-bye.
          Ellen: Good night.
          Philip: She's a smart young lady, and very nice.
          Robbie: Very! Hey, she forgot her bag!
          Ellen: I guess we'll be seeing Alexandra again, Right, Robbie?